Zameer’s Appeal (Archive)

It comes with great sadness to say that a good friend and coworker to Appleosophy has suffered greatly. You may have seen that Zameer Jiwani and his family have been featured in the news recently after a horrible accident occurred while hiking in The Great Smoky Mountains and the high speed winds blew a tree over and it landed on Laila Jiwani – Zameers mother. This killed her on impact. She did this to shield her son, who also broke his leg in three different places.
We are calling for you to help us and also American Airlines to help find Zameer’s GoPro that has footage of their family and also captured the tragic incident. We need people who were either in the area or work for American Airlines to help look for this GoPro to fully commemorate Zameer’s mother and also show what happened in the incident.

If any information relevant to this horrible happening is able to be passed on, please contact @ZameerJiwani as he would like to desperately commemorate his mother and help cherish his final moments with her to eternally remember all the love, care and strength she had for everyone she knew and especially her family.