Review: Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock


Now, this product has been around for a while, but with a deal like this I finally had to get my hands on one. I was walking through target a few days ago and saw this product discounted half price due to a small dent in the box. Knowing that the damage had no impact on the product, I decided to pick it up. This dock, made by apple usually retails for $79USD, and I paid a measly $39.50USD.

Here’s what I think about it a week later…

Price Break Down:

This dock consists of two components doubling as two different docks. Firstly, the 2m lighting to USB charge cable. Designed to plug into the back of the disk-shaped dock, this cable usually retails for $39 on its own, so to me, I bought the cable, spent an extra $0.50 and got a dual-use charge dock as well.

Second, the dock itself. Shaped like a flat white disk, this dock, which happens to be weighted beautifully, serves two uses as mentioned above. Lay the watch flat on its surface and it charges. Lift the silver charging pad out of the middle and now it charges while offering all the benefits of nightstand mode.

But it’s so… white:

Yes, Apple is a huge connoisseur of the color white; it’s simple, clean, and it matches most everything. But if you’re like any other person out there, over time, it’s bound to discolor with gradual contact as the watch is placed on, and removed from the dock. There’s a simple fix for this, an eraser. Simply erase the discoloration away.

Final Thoughts:

Even at full price, this dock is a great buy. It’s sleek and looks great with any setup.

Austin Dean
Author: Austin Dean

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