iOS 10.3 – Don’t get your hopes too high

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Appleosophy | iOS 10.3 - Don't get your hopes too highThe long-awaited iOS 10.3 is finally here in form of a first developer beta release. From what we currently see, there is no signs of a ‘dark mode’, a speculated addition Apple reportedly could add in a future release.

The general release iOS 10.3, unlike 10.2.1 will most probably feature the new improvements and additions we currently witness in the beta.

The iOS 10.3 update includes plenty of new additions. For starters, it adds an AirPods tab to the Find My iPhone application on your iPhone, specifically to help prevent or reduce the number of times you’ll lose your AirPods. This is a great iOS addition, reflecting over the previously released third-party applications for this task.

Most of the other additions come in form of smaller additions to previously existing features.

SiriKit, which can already hook into compatible payment and ride-sharing apps, such as Uber or PayPal, can now be used to pay bills and check on the status of payments. This is another way Apple is consistently attempting to perfection Siri as a whole.

There is also a new 3D Touch feature, which enables you to 3D Touch the Weather icon inside of the stock-Maps application.
There are also minor CarPlay UI changes and differences such as the new addition to the in-car Maps application which can show nearby EV charging pods and locations.

To wrap things up, this is not close to what we expected, in terms of a new speculated ‘dark mode’, however it’s great to see Apple update the iOS operating system to perfect the Apple ecosystem.

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