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Are you a person who uses a live TV streaming service such as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, or DirecTV Now and cannot find or use an accurate TV guide listings? Well, you’re in luck!

StreamingTVGuides allows users to choose what kind of package they have and be able to see what the TV listings are based on said plan. It is shown in four-hour increments so the user would have to know the exact time because it will not adjust to the current time, but the “time period” you are in.

The only thing that this website lacks is a mobile app, but the website can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. You can also not change the time period. For example, if the hours go from 9-12:30 P.M., then you would have to wait until 1 P.M. to get the next four hours of programming.

Obviously this is a small fix and hopefully, apps like TV Guide will soon enable streaming services to be an option when choosing what provider users have. Until then, this is a pretty good substitute!

Click here to visit the site and get started!

David Becker
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