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A few months ago, I purchased my first ever eBook. This book is called “Just Friends” by Billy Taylor, which is a book that has been highly recommended by people on Twitter. Me being the reader that I am, I purchased the eBook despite the fact that I do prefer physical books over eBooks. I should also point out that I was doing this all from my iPad mini 2.

One of the things that I came to love about iBooks is just how “portable” it is. This means that I could read it on my iPhone or Mac and I could read from where I last stopped thanks to the bookmarking feature.

Another feature that I loved was that the screen would automatically change to black when the room went dark. For example, if I was up late reading in bed, the screen would change to dark. This would allow for my eyes not to get strained because of the light from my iPad mini and it would allow for my roommate to sleep without being disturbed by my refulgent screen.

A feature that I was surprised to see that was there was being allowed to change the font and color on the pages. When I did this, I noticed that sometimes the length in a book would be longer depending on which font you chose. Changing the color came in handy too because sometimes I did not want the screen to be completely dark.

An issue that I found in iBooks is swiping pages. Occasionally when swiping pages, it activates Split View on the iPad. This is annoying and could be a simple fix by Apple. My personal recommendation is when in iBooks, instead of swiping to the left to change the page, just tap twice on which side of the page you are trying to flip to.

Having iBooks in landscape view on my iPad was something I was not a fan of either, it just does not look right to me. It looks like a tablet trying to be a physical book.

In the end, it was a good experience and that even though I am more of a fan of physical books, I could see myself buying more eBooks in the future if I really needed to.

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