Review: Fullmosa 38mm Apple Watch watchband

Appleosophy|Review: Fullmosa 38mm Apple Watch watchband

Last weekend, an old friend of mine gave me a brand new watchband for my 38mm Apple Watch Series 1. I didn’t have much against the watchband that Apple gave me with my Christmas Apple Watch acquisition. 

One of the things that make this watchband great is the fact that it has a luxurious look but a cheap price. It can make people think you spent a lot on the watch itself.

The top priority of this watch is the comfort, though. Since you will be wearing it a lot throughout your days. I can say with confidence that this watchband does feel comfortable on my wrist. Personally, I have very slim wrists, therefore most watches and wristbands do not fit me well. Since this watchband has the holes in it, I can adjust it to how tight as I want. The Apple watchband also has this, but in order for it to fit just right for me, I would have to make my own hole in it.

However, this watchband does have its problems. For example, when putting it on my Apple Watch, the strap with the holes on it did not have to go through. I eventually had to have my friend put it in for me. This was not because I am not strong enough to put in a simple strap, but the fact that it was hard to put on was a big turn off. These Apple Watches are expensive and we as users do not want to take the slightest chance at ruining our new gadget by something as stupid as not being able to get the strap to go through.

When taking your Apple Watch off at night, be sure to have it nearby a counter or table, or wherever you charge your watch. The straps are smaller than normal and if not careful, you can watch your beloved Apple Watch hit the floor.

All in all, I will be recommending this watchband. The reason for is because of the luxurious look that it has and that it is great for people like me with skinny wrists. Also for only $13.99, it’s a great deal for a third-party watchband.

Appleosophy|Review: Fullmosa 38mm Apple Watch watchband
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|Review: Fullmosa 38mm Apple Watch watchband
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Appleosophy|Review: Fullmosa 38mm Apple Watch watchband
4 years ago

Excellent job over again. Thanks a lot =)

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