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Apple releases iOS 10.3 Beta 6 to Developers

iOS 10.3 Beta 6 was just released by Apple, and it supports devices that include Apple’s line of phones and devices that run iOS.

What’s new with this Beta?

  • This Beta now supports:
    • For Find My iPhone:
      • Now it supports Location and Play Sound for AirPods.
        • Location and Play Sound should work better.
        • Play Sound emits a noise from the AirPods that reaches a certain increased volume.
          • *Be wary when testing out this feature.
    • For iCloud Analytics,
      • During setup, users should not reach the “Cloud Analytics” Page before logging in.
    • For iCloud Backups,
      • During Nightly Backups, you should not receive the System error of “Some files were unavailable during the last backup”.
    • For LAN Asset Cache,
      • Functionality should now work as expected.
    • For Lightning Video Adapters,
      • Functionality should now work as expected
    • For Managed and Shared Devices,
      • On managed devices, Users should not be able to override the current iCloud Document Sync setting.
      • Shared iPad setting should work now.   
    • For Managed and Shared Devices
      • The ability to update devices from a remote server is in development and may not work as expected.


    • For Developers:
      • For Xcode Simulator,
        • The legacy iCloud button in Settings is now removed.
        • Scrolling in the Today view should no longer crash.
        • Attempting to enable iCloud Drive before the user has signed into iCloud should no longer cause Settings to crash.
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Before this one, there were five other betas.

For more Information if you are a developer, check out the iOS Beta 6 Release Notes on developer.apple.com.


Apple released 10.3. Here is the link to the article: https://teamapplenews.com/2017/03/28/apple-officially-releases-the-long-awaited-ios-10-3/

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