Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day being less than a month away, it is definitely time to find something that your mother would like for the holiday. Here are some Apple related gift ideas just for the occasion! 

  • AirPods: If your mom is the kind of person that does a lot of music or podcast listening, then these are the gift for her. They are wireless and will work with the latest Apple devices. AirPods will run for a pricey $159.99 and I do recommend that you order them through AT&T instead of directly through Apple. Apple is saying that shipping could take up to six weeks, whereas you can get them within a week from AT&T.
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  • The new iPad (5th Generation): Have a mom that wants to do basic things such as email, internet surfing, Netflix, or Pinterest? The newest version of the iPad will be great for her. At $329 for 32GB of storage, this iPad will be perfect for her.
  • iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: If your mother is due for an upgrade on her phone, consider getting her a new iPhone. My recommendation is to get her either the new Product RED or Rose Gold iPhone 7’s. Prices vary based on carriers.
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  • Apple Watch Series 1: Apple will always tell you to buy the newest version of the Apple Watch, which is currently the Series 2 version. However, if you’re not planning on spending time in the water or don’t rely on the built-in GPS, then the Series 1 will be perfect for your mom. Look into buying from a store like Best Buy or Target since they do typically have better prices and sales on them.
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  • Apple Music subscription: Looking for something a little cheaper? Consider getting her an Apple Music subscription. It only costs $9.99 a month and has a bigger catalog than Spotify. Also, if she has other Apple devices, the music and content downloaded will sync over nicely.
  • Apple TV (32GB): Have a mom that enjoys services like Netflix and Hulu? The Apple TV is a great device to watch those services. One thing that it has that the other competitors (Roku and Amazon Fire Stick) do not have is that you can play games on it. The 32GB version currently sells for 149.99.

Obviously, these are some pretty expensive gifts, but your mother did hold you in her stomach for nine months and gave birth to you, and taught you how to use a fork and spoon. The least she could get is something nice for Mother’s Day and all of these gifts are that and then some.

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