Review: Sling TV (Orange + Blue Plan)

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In early-2017, we did a review of Sling TV, specifically their Orange Plan. However, after a free trial of their Orange + Blue, I felt as though it called for another review. So here is just that.

One of the things that is great about having this plan is that you get more channels. This includes at least 70+ channels!

The Orange + Blue plan is currently priced at $40 per month and includes sports channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, FS1, FS2, NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), and NFL Network. It’s a cheaper and more efficient way to watch live sports. And if you miss your sporting events, some of these networks allow for users to “rewatch them” on-demand.


FOX Sports 1/FS1 on Sling TV.


I also tried out the sports package, which is an additional add-on to the service. This includes channels like ESPNEWS, ESPN U, and NBA TV. If you’re a fan of sports, this is the package for you. If purchased with the Orange + Blue plan, it’s only $50 a month, which is still cheaper than most cable and satellite plans!


NFL Network on the Sling TV Blue plan



Other channels that are included in the Orange + Blue plan are USA Network, FXX, SyFy, and Nick Jr.


Sling TV’s Orange + Blue plan channel list

Quality wise, the video is still same as it was in my original review of the service. However, one thing I noticed is that when streaming on-demand content, the commercials don’t exactly come at the right time, it’s almost as if it prepares to go to commercial and then sneezes, ergo it goes to commercial at a bad time.

I was a big fan of the fact that the service allows users to stream channels like Teen Nick in full HD. Not even satellite or cable can do that. The HD quality can also be applied when streaming on-demand content, as well.

But what would I give the service and this plan overall? To be honest, it still gets a 3.5/4 rating from me. The service has gotten a lot better even since the beginning of 2017 and they just keep adding more to it at no additional cost, and in my book, that’s a win-win scenario for both parties.

Rating: 3.5/4 stars




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