Opinion: My Experience with Apple Music One Year Later


As of this month, I will have been an Apple Music user for a year. In fact, I still remember the night that I switched from Spotify to Apple Music since I had to buy an app in App Store to transfer my playlists to Apple Music. Once that was said and done, that is where the magic began.

Apple Music is the best music streaming service out there. A lot of my friends use Spotify since it has kind of become the standard for millennials in our society. However, I have come across some Apple Music users along the way.

Apple Music is, in my opinion, the best way to view and stream new music. For example, if you asked Siri what song was playing, she would eventually pull up what song was playing via her built-in Shazam functionality. With that said, from there you can tap on the song and then be taken directly to Apple Music’s catalog to find and listen to the song.

As of recently, the service has been home to exclusive content such as TV shows like Planet of the Apps that began in June 2017, with another show, Carpool Karaoke that is going to debut sometime this month.

Another item that the service has that I love is that it works perfectly with all of my Apple devices. This is not to say that Spotify would not, but Spotify does not have an Apple TV or Apple Watch, whereas Apple Music does. If I’m expected to pay $4.99 a month (college student discount), I want to get as many as devices and features as possible.

The best feature of them all is that it is a service that works the way a music streaming service should. It gets exclusive content from other artists and record labels, along with its already previously mentioned exclusive TV shows.

It is the most personalized service when it comes to song and artist recommendations. This has come into play when I have used Apple Music Radio (formerly iTunes Radio), where if I play Michael Buble Radio, Spotify will play Harry Connick Jr’s “You Don’t Know Me,” and then play Buble’s version of it back-to-back. Apple Music plays Van Morrison’s “Moondance” (another song that Michael Buble has covered) and then plays Buble’s “Feeling Good.” Do you see how that works and why it could be considered better?

Even though the service is not as popular for millennials, I believe that it will eventually get there. Apple is doing all the right things to make it a household product, which I believe will eventually get it to beat out Spotify. For now, we’ll have to play the waiting game.


David Becker
Author: David Becker

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