Review: Siri Watch Face

Appleosophy|Review: Siri Watch Face
Appleosophy|Review: Siri Watch Face
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Last week, Apple released the newest version of watchOS, which is watchOS 4. The update brought various updates and improvements to the Apple Watch, most notably the new Siri watch face.

What this new watch face does is simple. It allows users to access Siri right from their watch face and can make their day more organized. This watch face has all of your calendar events and reminders all synced to the main part of your watch so that it as easy to see. All the user has to do is lift their wrist and BAM, it’s there!

Appleosophy|Review: Siri Watch Face

Personally, I ironically did not use Siri with this watch face since I usually just use the “Hey Siri” function. For me, that is easier.

When scrolling down your watch face and looking at the events you have going on throughout your day, the scrolling is a lot like the Farris Wheel from a theme park. This is great because everything is in order and you can see it thoroughly.

Appleosophy|Review: Siri Watch Face

One issue I did find with this watch face is that the weather does not always show. I do not know if that has been a problem in general or if this is an issue of not living in a big city like Chicago or New York City. Either way, I do like checking my watch for the weather and I was disappointed that it did not start showing up regularly until near the end of my review period.

I do like the new Siri icon because for some reason it reminds me a little of Jarvis from the Iron Man movie series. It makes you feel as though Siri is running your entire watch, which in a way, I guess it does.

Overall, this watch face is pretty great and is my favorite watch face added in the watchOS 4 update. Although I am still using my Modular watch face full time, the Siri watch face is a great alternative. If you’ve been looking for a new watch face for your Apple Watch, definitely consider using the Siri watch face. I’d give it 3.5/4 stars if you’re looking for a number rating for this.

Rating: 3.5/4 stars


Appleosophy|Review: Siri Watch Face
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|Review: Siri Watch Face
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