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Our other website, TeamApple News, has been having some issues but we are going to be bringing that site back any day now. 

What specifically is going to change is that any “Opinion” article that is not related to Apple products, is going to be going to TeamApple News. This would mean that from now on, opinion articles about Tim Cook will go to TeamApple News.

We are doing this to make sure that this site is specifically for Apple product deals. Right now, since TeamApple News has been down for a few months, it has been a bit of a confusing time for us about what content is going to go where. Now that we have gotten some elements figured out and settled, we feel comfortable moving forward.

Also, we have new writers coming on here and on TeamApple News so it will not be just me posting articles on here all the time.

We will still be posting some deals to our Twitter page. So, if you are not right now, make sure that you are following us on Twitter. It is also being used to post our articles on there, as well.

Overall, we expect these changes to be coming to you all within the next few weeks. Of course, when the time comes, we will let you know beforehand. This is still a work in progress so all we ask of you is your patience during this situation.

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