What to Stream on Super Bowl Sunday Instead of the Super Bowl

If you are someone like me who has no intentions of watching the Super Bowl or the coverage that goes on beforehand, here are some TV shows and movies that can be streamed from a variety of streaming platforms. 

This list will be based on my own recommendations when it comes to the TV shows and movies and will be available on a variety of streaming platforms. It will also include what some networks will be showing during the Super Bowl.

  • Netflix:
    • 13 Reasons Why
    • Stranger Things
    • The Office
    • Arrested Development 
    • The Crown
  • Hulu:
  • Amazon Prime Video:
    • Doctor Who (seasons 1-10)
    • The Circle
    • The Grand Tour (2 seasons)
    • Betas (1 season)
    • Victoria (1 season)
  • CBS All Access:
    • Star Trek Discovery (season 1)
    • The Big Bang Theory (season 11)
    • Jericho (2 seasons)
    • Man With a Plan (season 2)
    • The Good Fight (2 seasons)
  • HBO Now/Go:
    • Game of Thrones (7 seasons)
    • Silicon Valley (4 seasons)
    • Harry Potter (8 movies)
    • Sully
  • Notable TV Channels: This section is dedicated to the channels and networks that are showing popular movies and TV shows on Super Bowl Sunday.
    • TBS:
      • 12-6 PM ET: Family Guy (marathon)
    • TNT
      • 2-10 PM ET: The Hunger Games (movie marathon)
    • SyFy
      • 6-10 PM ET: Futurama (marathon)
    • ABC
      • 7-9 PM ET: America’s Funniest Home Videos
    • PBS
      • 9PM ET: Victoria (new episode)
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For those who are sports fans but are not fans of the Super Bowl or football in general, here are some notable sporting events that will be on during Super Bowl 52.

  • Sports Networks
    • FS2:
      • 4 PM ET: Monster Jam (new)
      • 5-9 PM ET: Motorcycle Racing
    • ESPNews
      • 7:30-10 PM ET: E:60 (marathon)
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