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Multiple macOS users reporting errors with latest update

macOS was supposed to be the game changing update that would allow everything in an operating system to be accessible and easy to use. With the latest seeded beta update to public and developers, many Mac users have been reporting crashing and freezing on their iMac devices. The reasoning behind this crash is unknown but is being resolved with Apple’s Bug Reporting team.

The Problem

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The error is said to occur when doing miscellaneous tasks with any number of applications open. The system will freeze and will require a force reboot. This is when holding down the power button on the back of the device shuts down the software. In some instances, error messages have been addressed to the users, but haven’t detailed into what went wrong.

Anyone experiencing this problem should try and restart their Mac; booting into ‘Safe Boot’ Mode which isolates unnecessary parts to the macOS system, to allow diagnostics to find the error. To do this, boot your computer up and as soon as you hear the Mac ‘Chime’; repeatedly spam the Left shift key and release when you see a loading bar or login window. This is only being reported on beta versions of macOS 10.13 seeded to the public and developers.

What can I do?

If the update is affecting the usability of your macOS device, report it to Apple using the ‘Feedback’ app or visit the support site or forum and downgrade. This is possible by: Either having a Time Machine backup of your system from 10.12 (Sierra); or by making a Carbon Copy of your current device and manually transferring the data between the OS’s. There is also the possibility that you can take your device into an Apple Store, and have it seen to by an employee. We recommend following the tutorial on iDownloadBlog or DM’ing us on our Instagram if you require assistance with doing this. Be sure to give your opinion on this topic by commenting on our latest articles!

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