First spotted by MotherBoard, Crowdfense, a UAE-based startup is now providing up to $3 million in funding for anyone who able to offer a zero-day exploit on macOS, iOS, Android, or Windows, and sell them to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

For those unknown, Zero-day exploits are bugs or vulnerabilities that Apple, Google, and Microsoft don’t know that this has even existed. Which allows companies like Crowdfense to use their personal advantages, such as developing jailbreak tools, as matter of fact, developers have created iOS 11.0-11.2.1 jailbreak method with the help of these exploits.

Crowdfense’s director Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni told me that he and his company are trying to join that market, purchasing zero-days from independent researchers and then selling them to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Crowdfense did not disclose who they are talking to, or how they plan to use such exploits. As of now, the bug bounty program’s budget is set at $10 million, compared Apple’s own bug bounty program that launched way back in 2016 but with much lower payouts of $220K.

Are you interesting in the program? Would you like to hand over the exploits to Crowdense for the money, or rather sell them to Apple to increase your privacy? Let us in the comments section below!

Image Via BitFeed