Apple’s Federighi Said APFS File System To Support Fusion Driver ‘Very Soon’

Craig Federighi, Apple’s software engineering chief, said in an email reply to a user that Apple plans to allow APFS to support Fusion Drive vey soon, according to a MacRumors reader Jonathan, who emailed Federighi and asked if Apple is still developing APFS to support Fusion Drive functionality.

For those unfamiliar with Fusion Driver, it combine a hard drive with flash storage to provide the speed of an SSD with the affordability of a standard hard drive. Users can choose to have it on your iMac or Mac mini machines.

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Following the release of macOS High Sierra, Apple introduced a new APFS file system for Macs. This system was designed specifically for flash SSDs as well as solid state drivers. Moreover, it’s safe and reliable, provides crash protection, secure document storage, stable snapshots, simplified backups, powerful native encryption, and so on!

Image By Apple

Jing Moreno
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