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iOS 12 brings Redesigned Stocks app and Voice Memos App, New ’Apple Books’

New Redesigned Stocks app

The Stocks app has been given a much-needed overhaul in terms of design. Now the Stocks app looks more organized and sleek. The dark theme has stayed. Graphs now look much better as well as the new menu design looks more organized. Data and information is now most relevant. Apple News is coming to the redesigned Stocks app. Stock is also coming to the iPad in iOS 12.


New Redesigned Voice Memos App

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The Voice Memos app has also been given a much-needed overhaul. Voice Memos app is now coming to iPads so no need to install a 3rd party app from the App Store! The new app also has a dark theme similar to the Stocks app.


iBooks Renamed to ‘Apple Books’ and Redesigned

The new Apple Books app has a brand-new redesign and new features such as “Reading Now”, “Library”, “Book Store”, “Audio Books” and more. This app however is white-themed and not dark themed sadly. It would have been nice for this app to have a dark theme too just like the Stocks and Voice Memos app.


Did you enjoy WWDC 2018? Looking forward to the new features iOS 12 brings?

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