iOS 12 Hidden Features & Changes Spotted – Part 1

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Appleosophy | iOS 12 Hidden Features & Changes Spotted - Part 1
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While using iOS 12, a lot of hidden changes and features were spotted.

Here are 10 of them:

  1. Trackpad scrolling feature now supports Non- 3D Touch devices

    To use it all you have to do is hold on to the space bar on your iPhone and you can scroll through text without problems.

  2. Awesome Good Morning Weather Widget

    After using Do Not Disturb mode during Bedtime enabled, if you swipe to clear the notification notifying you that DND is on, you get a nice ‘Good Morning’ widget with some information about the weather displaying.

  3. Dark UI Elements on Lock screen

    We were all gutted and disappointed when Apple announced a Dark Mode on macOS but not one on iOS 12. Well Dark UI elements have been spotted when DND during Bedtime is enabled. Also, when you are playing music and the widget appears, that also has a Dark UI/background as well.

  4. Larger ‘X’ on Lock Screen for clearing notifications

    On the lock screen and Notification Center when you slide down, there is a larger ‘X’ which you tap in order to clear your notifications if it is getting a bit cluttered. The larger ‘X’ is noticeably larger when comparing to iOS 11.

  5. New Notification Settings Interface

    New interface for notification settings of individual applications. Now you have the option to choose whether the notification appears on the Lock Screen, Notification Center or as a Banner or all 3. Also, you can change if you want notification Grouping to happen automatically.

  6. Larger Status Bar Text in Control Center

    Compared to iOS 11, the Status Bar text is much larger and bold in the Control Center. It is now easier to read.

  7. ‘Chin’ on some 3D Touch Platters

    While entering and exiting the different platters in the Control Center, a chin has been noticed on some of them which is a change. Personally, I don’t like it and hopefully this change is removed.

  8. Enabling DND from the Control Center

    No longer flashes text at the top of the screen. Instead just a neat little animation within the button once enabled and disabled.

  9. New ‘Scan QR Code’ option when you Expand/3D Touch on the Camera platter within Control Center

    This new option replaces the ‘Record Slo – mo’ option that was present previously in iOS 11.4. Once tapping on the ‘Scan QR Code’ option, the Camera app opens and a new splash screen pops up telling you how this mode works within the Camera app.

  10. Dismiss Apps in App Switched without Holding for the ‘X’ badge to appear

    On iOS 12 you can now seamlessly just swipe up to dismiss applications in the app switcher on the iPhone X now. The annoying extra step of having to hold on an application window for the ‘X’ to appear in order to close it is now gone. Hopefully Apple keeps this change around.

    There are many more features and changes that I have not yet discovered/mentioned. If you want more articles like these I will write more!

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

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