Image Of 2018 iPhones Front Screen Panel Leaked On The Web

Twitter leaker Benjamin Geskin has leaked the image of 2018 iPhones front screen panel, give us a peak on how Apple’s next-generation iPhone would look like, which are expected to launch this upcoming September. For those who don’t know about Geskin, the leaker has a solid track record in leaking phones.
The image seems confirmed that the budget LCD iPhone would look very much like the current iPhone X models. However, according to Geskin, the 6.1-inch LCD version to have slightly thicker bezels when it compared to iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

It’s widely believed that Apple will release three new iPhones this year: a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone at a cheaper price but lacks 3D Touch feature, a second-generation of iPhone X, and a larger 6.4-inch OLED iPhone X Plus. All are featured with a notch for Face ID and Animoji capabilities

What do you think of the upcoming iPhones?
Image Via Ben Geskin
Jing Moreno
Author: Jing Moreno

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