What Every New College Student Needs for Their MacBook


For the record, when I say “needs,” I mean by in ways of electronics and tech for the classroom. I’m not talking about how you can use your new electronics for a party or anything like that. This is merely for educational purposes.

I’m going to assume that you are a new MacBook user, so with that, I will also say congratulations on your new and possibly your first MacBook. You will be friends in no time at all.

Here is what you are going to need for it in order to keep it going and make sure you get the most out of it.

  • USB-C hub: For starters, if you are a new MacBook Pro user, I would very much suggest you get one of those USB-C hubs that has the SD card, microSD card slot and a variety of other ports too so that if you need to use one of those ports for something, then you will have access to it. As of right now, the only ports on the new line of MacBook Pros are the USB-C port and headphone port.
  • Laptop bag: The next thing all new MacBook users will need is a laptop bag to carry around it around campus. I know that some people will have backpacks, which is fine. However, for those looking for a nice laptop bag, I would look into a laptop bag from CaseCrown. I have their Campus Messenger Bag for my 13-inch MacBook Pro and absolutely love it. It has plenty of pouches and slots to put your MacBook and other accessories in…along with room for food because, you know, we all need that sometimes to get through a lecture. Also, if you order the right one, you can get an external battery that could be used to charge your iPhone or iPad during class. Saving time and getting your devices charged, what could be better than that?
  • USB-C cable (longer one): Another item I would suggest getting is another USB-C cable for your charger. Whether this is a spare just to have or something that is longer has a better build quality to it, you may want to look into getting another one. You can find some pretty cheap ones online too, some of which will go up to 10 feet long!
  • Microsoft Office: Even though I love Apple’s iWork apps, some people prefer and need to have Microsoft Office on their MacBooks, which is still fine. A lot of stores will try to sell you a copy of it there for a pretty expensive price. The best solution is to wait up until you have your college email and then download it from your college since they let students download Microsoft Office for free.
  • Apple Music: This can come in handy whether you are using your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad. The catalog for Apple Music is much bigger than Spotify’s. Also, like Spotify Premium for Students, you can get a student discount of Apple Music for $4.99 a month via UNIDays. It will give you access to the entire platform too, so when you get it, it is the full version.

Those are some of my top recommendations for new MacBook users specifically for new college students. If you think I missed anything or have any questions, feel free to comment down below!


David Becker
Author: David Becker

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