Opinion: Should the Apple TV Get Notifications?

Appleosophy|Opinion: Should the Apple TV Get Notifications?

The other day I was watching The Big Bang Theory on my Apple TV and at the time, my area was getting a pretty bad storm on its way. It made me wonder whether or not it’s time to get Apple TV some notifications. 

The purpose for these notifications would be to inform you of other things going on. I understand that one of the purposes of the Apple TV and the streaming services people use on them are designed to relax you, but sometimes you need to be aware of certain things regardless of whether or not you want to hear it in that very moment.

How could Apple do this with tvOS?

My simple solution would be to allow for people to get notifications for things such as severe weather and Amber Alerts.

For the weather, this could be done in apps like Carrot Weather, The Weather Channel and AccuWeather so that if severe weather does get in your area, that you can immediately check your weather app and see what you need to see.

When it comes to sports, perhaps you could get notifications from services like Hulu, Sling TV or DirecTV Now to show when a game you wanted to watch starts or get an important score or game notification.

Of course, I would say that things like text messages and phone calls should (for now) be left to the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad because that’s one of the reasons why you have those other devices. The Apple TV is not the Xbox One; it’s not the device for everything.

Although my ideas are merely small right now, it could make the Apple TV a great place for users and consumers to go. Although it would not be the device for everything, having the proper notifications on the big screen could save you from a catastrophe or give you the best news of the day.

Appleosophy|Opinion: Should the Apple TV Get Notifications?
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|Opinion: Should the Apple TV Get Notifications?
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