(EXPIRED) Best Buy Deal of the Day: Save $150-200 on the MacBook Air

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Today’s Best Buy deal of the day gives the MacBook Air a nice significant discount. This makes it so that select models of the MacBook Air can receive a $150-200 discount. 

One thing that should also be noted with this deal is that college students can add another $150 discount to this promotion to get up to a $300-350 off a 13-inch MacBook Air with the Best Buy College Student Deals. This is a great discount for those early on in the semester who are already looking for a new reliable laptop.

In order to get this, you can go to a Best Buy retail store and pick one up or order one online. When ordering online, expect to get free shipping since this is an order of $35 or more. My personal recommendation would be to use the Best Buy iOS app so that you can buy the laptop with Apple Pay.

Another recommendation I give specifically to students is that if you are buying this with the intention of using it primarily for school and college, be sure to write your total down and keep the receipt. The reason for this is that you can write this off on your taxes in 2019 since the purchase was for college, in which those purchases can be used as a tax write-off.

This deal will go until the rest of the day today, so be sure that if you are in the market for a new MacBook or laptop, that you consider getting this big deal.

David Becker
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