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Apple To Introduce “Clear Cases” Designed For iPhone XR

Last month, Apple announced the iPhone XS and XS Max and iPhone XR, shortly after the iPhone XS and XS Max were launched, Apple’s silicone cases and leather cases were also available for purchase simultaneously. At the time, they did not mention any protective cases for the iPhone XR. However, in some countries’ press releases, Apple did note it will release “clear cases” for iPhone XR. (Via 9to5Mac)

Follow the release of iPhone 5s, Apple introduced the leather cases. The iPhone 5c corresponds to clear cases designed to highlight the multiple colors of the iPhone 5c. Starting with the iPhone 6, Apple has been offering two official cases, silicone cases, and leather cases. The company later didn’t unveil any clear cases anymore.

The iPhone XR is a colorful one. If users continue to use a leather or silicone case, they can’t show off the color. This is one of the reasons why Apple will re-introduce a “clear case”. In terms of price, it will retail for around $40 USD. With the case and the iPhone, it will cost you about $790, which is pretty pricey, but with great software and a faster processor, it’s really worth it!

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Image Via 9to5Mac

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