How to Use Apple Pay at Sam’s Club


Sam’s Club is a store where people buy items in bulk. Think of it as the Walmart version of Costco. 

Believe it or not, you cannot use a payment service like Walmart Pay at Sam’s Club, despite the fact that the two are affiliated. However, I have come across a way to use Apple Pay at Sam’s Club.

Please note that this will not work at all Sam’s Club locations and that it will likely only work at locations in big cities. Also note that this will not work in their stores but through a delivery service.

The way to use Apple Pay at Sam’s Club is by using the Instacart app. It’s a free app in the App Store and the service essentially delivers your groceries and items to you. Your first delivery is free, but obviously there is a service fee for using Instacart’s delivery service, which is $5.99 per delivery unless you pay for their $149 membership that is billed annually.

instacart and sams

In the Instacart app, just put in your zip code, choose your Sam’s Club store, add items to your cart, pay with Apple Pay and then wait for your groceries to be delivered. According to Instacart’s website, they say that their delivery times can go from 9 AM-to-midnight.

Users can schedule a delivery (sometimes in little than an hour), have them delivered later on in the week and order through Instacart and then pick up at the store (at select stores).

This is the only way currently that you can pay with your items through Sam’s Club with Apple Pay.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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