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Apple Event – A quick summary

So the Apple Special Event for the iPad and MacBook and Mac range is insane! [In our opinion]


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Apple’s new iPad Pro models are godly with new USB-C charging and accessory port that can plug into even a 5k Display or your favorite speaker [Unless it’s HomePod]. The 2018 iPad also boasts major speed improvements, even comparing it to an XBox One S with its graphic rendering capabilities.

New FaceID was also announced; bringing the new iPhone X/XS/XS Max experience to the iPad series. Without a home button, the iPad is now 15% thinner and is the size of an 8″x12″ piece of paper, further demonstrating how necessary the iPad for any student. Apple also assured its users that the new iPad comes with Pro-Motion, True Tone and all of the old features everyone loves with the old iPad Pros.

Apple Pencil

Like pen and paper, the new Apple Pencil is a key addition to the iPad Pro, keeping great functionality with an updated design. The pencil has new gesture control, showcasing in the Notes app and how you can change pen types just by tapping! Additionally, the pencil charges though the iPad, wirelessly by connecting to the top side of the iPad.

MacBook // Mac Mini

The new MacBook Air is sleek and stylish – a must for any backpack, with a new Force Touch trackpad and improved Butterfly Keys [which are still backlit]. The all newly introduced T2 chipset compliments the computer amazingly, adding TouchID to the ‘cheaper’ MacBook lineup.

The new [beautiful] space gray Mac Mini is not only compact but also functional, opening up a range of new possibilities with 64GB of RAM and a brand new GPU which can render H.264 30% faster than any previous model. Apple also took the time to display a mass of projects that featured the Mac Mini; such as a server hosting farm, a theater and music studio running the equipment and even a movie set, providing processing power for the cameras as well as encoding the video footage.

All products can be preordered today [10/30/18] and will be available in Apple Stores worldwide on November 7th.

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