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What to Do While at the Polls Today

It’s no secret that today is the midterm elections, meaning that people all across the country are putting in their times in line and are waiting to place their vote for the election. 

During that time, you’re probably going to get pretty bored. Here are some things that you can do to pass the time while you wait!

  • Read some TeamApple News articles: It’s a great time to catch up on all of our newest articles and content. We have opinions, news, and reviews for almost everything you could ask for!
  • Spend some time on Twitter: Yes, Twitter will have a lot of “go out and vote today” tweets, but there will still be some out there that are all about or whatever subject you are interested in. If you are in the market for using a new Twitter app, we recommend Tweetbot 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Open Apple Books or Kindle for iOS and read an eBook: There is nothing wrong with reading eBooks while waiting in line for anything. Books, in general, can be a great way to kill time as well!
  • Download some TV episodes or movies to watch: Both Netflix and Prime Video do offer the ability to download content to your chosen device before you go somewhere. I’ll that that if it were me in line, I would be watching a lot of old (new) Doctor Who episodes.tumblr_ofl3xcNkVU1s498dco1_500
  • Listen to some Christmas music! To some, it is still out of the season, but to others, it is the perfect time to do so! We have an article here on how to stream Christmas music this holiday season!
  • Make sure you are informed: Before you go and make your choices for who you are voting for, make sure that you do your last-minute research to make sure you are making the best and right decision, and are doing what you think is best.
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Those are our top recommendations! We try not to take a bias here at TeamApple News, so be sure to vote and do what you think is best for you, your state and the rest of the country.

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