Apps to Consider Buying This Holiday Season


The holidays are here and apps run our lives on the daily, so it could be a good idea to gift someone important in your life (or yourself) an app that you think that they could get a lot of use out of.

With that said, the apps that I am listing here are for the iPhone, iPad and the Mac, and that they will all cost money. That is the point of this article after all; to get you to think about buying some form of premium apps in the App Store.

Additionally, some of the apps that you purchase once can be also downloaded on a secondary device such as an iPad or iPod Touch. This means that if you buy the app on your iPhone, most of the apps that have an iPad or iPod Touch version that can also be downloaded onto those devices for no additional cost to you.


  • Tweetbot 5: For those who are not fans of the default Twitter app made by Twitter, there are other third-party apps that will do almost the same thing, but some of them look and function better than said default Twitter app. Tweetbot 5 was an app that we gave four stars to in our review of it earlier this fall, so it is needless to say that I can easily recommend this app to you to give that Twitter-obsessed person in your life.
  • CARROT Weather: I’ll admit that this app will not be for everyone, but for those who have an Apple Watch, this app will come in handy. For Apple Watch users, it will have a complication that can tell you the exact weather conditions, including what the weather feels like outside. On the other hand, it can give you alerts exactly when it is about to precipitate outside or when you are getting bad weather in your area. The only bad part is that the app costs money and then has a yearly subscription on top of that, but for those who are looking for an excellent weather app and have the money to blow on it, this would be a good one. We gave this app a four-star review just this past January too!
  • Apollo for Reddit: This app did just come with a premium add-on to the service. It is very much like CARROT’s where you can pay a yearly fee to get notifications with the service or simply buy the premium version of the app to get access to all of its features except notifications and a new app icon every month. Also, it’s another TeamApple News four-star app.
  • Fantastical 2: Again, this app will not be for everyone but it will be for those who do not like or want to use the default Apple calendar anymore. Unlike the other apps, if you do buy this one for the iPhone or iPod Touch, you have to purchase it again on the iPhone. The iPhone version costs $4.99 and the iPad version costs $49.99. The good news is that there is an Apple Watch app that comes with the iPhone version that has great watch face Complications and can give you alerts from the watch of your calendar dates and reminders.


  • Tweetbot 3 for Mac: This goes to the person who, like me, is obsessed with Twitter and being able to keep an eye on it 24/7. It can go to the business or social media manager that use Twitter to post statuses, promotions and connect with their customers and audience. The app currently costs $9.99 in the Mac App Store.
  • Final Cut Pro: Have someone in your family who is a bit of a movie maker or future film or TV show production editor? Although expensive, this could be a great app for them to be able to edit their videos on. It’s great for those who do things such as editing short films or make and edit YouTube videos. In fact, a lot of popular YouTube creators such as iJustine use the app to edit their own content. Final Cut Pro currently costs $299.99 in the Mac App Store.
  • MarsEdit: Perhaps there is someone in your life who likes to write on their blog but are always looking to find a place that has WiFi in order to write on it. MarsEdit is great because it is a dedicated app in the Mac App Store that will allow that person to write for their blog and be able to do so offline. When they get their internet connection again, they will be able to use it to upload their blog posts. The important part is that they can at least get it written before they forget what they were going to write.
  • Day One: A journaling app is something that I think a lot of people could get use out of. I personally use this app and have to say that it is a great way to put your thoughts out there, but also make it private. Along with that, it’s a good way to put your blogging and writing ideas in without everyone seeing them. Best of all, it can be secured on the Mac with a regular password or fingerprint protected (for those with the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro). The app does cost $49.99 in the Mac App Store, but it would be best to buy Day One Premium since it costs $34.99 per year and the person would get more use of it feature-wise. If anything, pay for their first year of the service if you are thinking about getting for the person as a Christmas gift this year. Day One is available on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.
  • Pastebot: This will be the cheapest of all the apps out there and is made by the same app developers (Tapbots) that make Tweetbot for iOS and Mac. For the high school or college student in your life, Pastebot will be a Godsend for them. What the app does is that it saves everything you copy so that if you need to go back to it, for say, writing a paper, you can do so. It currently costs $9.99 in the Mac App Store and received a four-star review from us just last year!

Those are the apps I am recommending you all to get for others or yourself this holiday season. We are not affiliated with any of these apps, their developers or anything else regarding them. We are essentially just here to promote apps that we recommend.

Comment below on this if you either are getting these for someone or for yourself this holiday season. If you cannot do that, comment down below if you use any of these apps and how you use them in your life! We look forward to reading the comments.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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