According to Czech website jablickar, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is currently in Switzerland’s Davos, where he attended Worldwide economy forum. The goal of this path is introduce to world project “Czech Republic The Country of The Future”. He also meet other important people from technology world, where was Tim Cook as well. As a result of the meeting by the Czech Government, Apple is to build the new Apple Store in Prague.

Babiš posted these photo from meeting Tim Cook on Facebook. Meeting with Cook started at 2PM local time and seems to take a few tens of minutes. Czech Prime Minister shows of the project “Česko – Země buducnousti” as we mentioned above. CEO of Apple was shocked that more than 500 scientists in Czech Republic is in the field of artificial intelligence.

The next part of the meeting was about that Babiš offered Tim Cook to build Apple Store in czech capital. The ideal place to build new Apple Store would be building of Ministry for Regional Development on Staroměstském náměstí. Cook’s reaction was more than happy because he made a team for build new Apple Store immediately.