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New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo issues a notification of warning to New Yorkers about FaceTime Bug

Following up on the controversy between the FaceTime privacy bug and the Group FaceTime on iOS 12, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo warned that the iPhone and iOS users have to temporarily disable the app for a short period. In Vis Berry’s article with the same topic before, you learned the FaceTime app can receive audio and video of the caller beforehand in a inadvertent way. Now the government of New York has given us a primary source of the notice, so let’s break it down to a few simple words.

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In the primary source issued by the New York government, Governor Cuomo states,

“The FaceTime issue is a egregious breach of privacy that puts iOS users in a high level of risk….. We take consumer rights very seriously in New York, and I’m in hot water for this irresponsible bug, that it can be exploited for unnecessary uses.”

For this, I can infer that the governor has a higher concern of this FaceTime security case. He is also critical in all of the consumer rights and reports from New Yorkers.


The call to action has been denounced by the governor. Cuomo said in the primary source that

“I suggest all of the New Yorkers and iOS users temporarily disable the FaceTime app for a brief moment, and I want Apple to release an update with these fixes, with no delay.”


Apple did take Group FaceTime temporary offline, which we expect it to be back online and fixed ‘later in the week’ according to Apple. It is true that for us iOS users, the Appleosophy team and Appleosophy readers, must follow this important message this New York governor has all to talk about. Delete FaceTime until the next iOS update rolls out, and you’ll not be in boiling water!

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