Apple seeds iOS 13.3 beta 2

Apple has released iOS 13.3 beta 2 just a week after they released the first beta. This size of this update is around 295MB depending of your device and the software you are updating from. The build number for this latest beta is 17C5038a. This update brings in bug fixes and improvements. If you had issues with multitasking and RAM management on iOS 13.2 and iOS 13.2.1, it has been fixed in this latest beta and also in the latest public update which is iOS 13.2.2. Screen Time has also been updated with a new feature called Communication limits which if enabled restricts someone to contact only a limited number of people selected by the administrator.

Also, If you do not like Memoji stickers popping up every time you open the emoji page, you can now disable it in Settings>General>Keyboard>Memoji Stickers.

Apple also added support for NFC, USB and lightning FIDO2 security complaint security keys for Safari.

Apple’s release notes:

iOS 13.3 will be released to the public soon with improvements and stability across the UI.

Happy Updating!

Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

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