iPhone SE Back on Sale on Apple’s Clearance Website

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Appleosophy | iPhone SE Back on Sale on Apple's Clearance Website
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Apple has put the iPhone SE back in their clearance store. This is something that they have been doing a lot of lately for an unknown reason, whether that it is being done to a possibly new iPhone SE for 2019 or if they are just trying to get rid of their remaining stock of it in general.

Right now, the two versions of the iPhone SE that are out on their website are both the 32GB and 128GB models. All of the colors for each storage capacity are available too. 

The company is also offering some nice discounts on these iPhones too. The 32GB version gets a discount of $100 off, making the phone $249. As for the 128GB model, it gets a discount of $150 off and is priced at $299. 

All of these phones are unlocked, therefore, they should be able to work on most national cell phone carriers.

Apple’s iPhone SE is currently the last version of the iPhone that has a four-inch screen. If you’re someone that has smaller hands or just does not like having a huge screen in your hand or pocket, the iPhone SE could be the iPhone for you. 

My personal recommendation would be to go for the 128GB model since for $50 more, you’re getting four times more in terms of capacity, and I can tell you that you can never have enough memory on your smartphone. 

This is one of those spur-of-the-moment types of deals, so make sure that if you are planning on getting one, that you do it now since these typically sellout pretty quick. Apple has already had these in their clearance store twice in 2019 and were out of both shipments within 24 hours.

UPDATE (02/01/2019): Apple’s clearance website has once again sold out of all versions of the iPhone SE. We will create another article if Apple does get more of them in and makes them available for sale on their website. 

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