Recently, an app named Cardiogram released an update which adds a new feature- Cardiogram Premium. This update adds remote monitoring to someone’s heart rate on their Apple Watch. It’s subscription based, meaning that you have to pay $14.99 per month, $69 for half a year, and $99 the whole year.

First of all, there’s two different modes of this feature. One is Family Mode, meaning that you generate a special code to send to an Apple Watch wearer who has the Cardiogram app, then the Apple Watch wearer taps on the code. You’ll start monitoring you and your friend’s heart rate together with your Apple Watch. Your friend can revoke the permission to share heart rate data at any time.

On the other hand is the Share to Doctor mode. It’s similar to Apple’s health app when you share ECGs from your Series 4 to your physician. You generate a pdf of your Cardiogram app data, and email or iMessage it to your doctor.

And lastly, the Cardiogram app is one of the best health apps in the App Store. It’s the first ever app to use Apple Watch’s heart sensor to check on the depths of your heart health, on the spot of heart disorders and conditions. The developer, Johnson Hsieh, says that:

“The Cardiogram app has been in a partnership with the University of San Francisco in the research of wearables being able to detect early signs of diseases such as diabetes. Wearables are no longer for the worried well: the average Cardiogram user is 41 years old, and more likely than the general population to manage a chronic condition.”

This implies that now with the newest Apple Watch Series 4 can detect a more wider variety of heart disorders and conditions with the optical heart rate sensor and ECG, this app can detect a few more conditions and health problems than what the Series 4 could. Now heart monitoring with Cardiogram and your Apple Watch can be more easier than ever.