Recently, a bug in macOS may be stealing your information without consent, for Bitcoin and many other types of cryptocurrency. This piece of malware – named CookieMiner – steals cookies and passwords as well as crypto. Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42, is the first to find this malicious software, from their security researchers.

This malicious exploit can steal your username and password on Chrome browsers on your Mac, in search for cryptocurrency. It can hack your iTunes backups to view your iMessages and text messages from your iPhone, and obain software authentication cookies. If the malware can’t access the following items above, then it’ll install lots of random, unwanted software and downloads on your Mac – also known as adware.

Upon the information about this malware, Unit 42 recommends Mac users to clear caches from their browsers after logging in to bank accounts, and using a browser other than Google Chrome. Additionally; users should opt for physical password storage, to stop your browsers being hijacked.