For over three years, Apple has been collecting Maps data with LiDAR vehicles. Now Apple is further advancing in collecting Maps data by using employees to gather pedestrian data since last fall. The data conducted in these survey periods will then be released in future Apple Maps updates.

Starting last month, Apple is now opting for pedestrian data in Apple Maps. Apple Maps employees will be wearing backpacks with LiDAR equipment. They’ll start mapping California (Northern and Southern California) first, then Hawaii (Honolulu) , and Nevada (Las Vegas and Clark County). Apple is starting out with a limited location variety right now, but will roll out more locations in the future.

More evidence from Apple states that the vehicle mapping will be more expanded this year. This will include the entirety of California, Arizona (most counties) , Hawaii (most counties) and Nevada (some counties). Apple Maps had started improvements on iOS 12 since the summer beta testing season of iOS 12. It included more details on landmarks, parking lots, hills, fields, buildings and more. This only happened in Northern California, but it expanded to the rest around January.

To conclude, Apple will continue to improve more detail in the Maps app this year to other states and counties. Apple is going to test out the tiny European country named Andorra with this improvement, which is located in between Spain and France. The design remains the same until you zoom in a lot, for more details on the map. You can view the list of countries Apple will improve on Maps here.