As of today, Apple’s revenue reaches back to a market cap of $824.1 billion. This has led to a significant accomplishment from the vast drop in the stock market on January 3rd. That’s more than $84 billion from this month, which is $93 billion.

Apple’s earnings has inflated in recovery around the course of January 29th to now. The data includes the net profit of $19.965 billion, and $84.31 in revenue. In contact, that’s a bit of a surpass from two companies with the revenue! Microsoft is only $813.48 billion worth, and Amazon at $805.70 in billion dollars. Apple kept getting the name of being the most valuable company- back and forth by the ups and downs of their stock.

Thus far, it’s good to have Apple back on track in their stock market. With the advancements in the last month, Apple is still keeping it up on their earnings today.