Apple Store employees instructed to not offer Apple Watch and AirPods Try-ons until the customer requests it


According to the reports claimed by the Business Insider, Apple has instructed it’s employees to not offer Try-ons of products like Apple Watches and AirPods until the customer asks for it. The Try-ons of Apple Watches and AirPods have been scaled down or “scaled back” at some Apple Stores to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Apple has not entirely stopped Try-ons of these products, instead, they would allow Try-ons only upon request by the customer.

Apple has taken several precautions in the recent times to help fight Coronavirus. Apple stores are now deeply and thoroughly cleaned with the help of increased cleaning staff, and Hand Sanitizer stations are being installed at various Apple Stores.

Apple has also taken the measure to provide unlimited sick leave for its Hourly employees who have Coronavirus or Coronavirus symptoms. These employees need not submit any doctor note or any note to Apple’s management. They do not have to worry about the limited number of sick days, because unlimited sick leave is being provided to these employees. Apple CEO Tim Cook also offered it’s employees to work from home if their job suits it according to a memo obtained by Bloomberg.

The Apple Watch and AirPods have been built with very innovative technologies. They have been sold extremely well throughout the world because of their innovative design and features. Apple had started Try-ons for its innovative Apple Watch ever since its release in 2015. Apple has also regarded the Apple Watch as the “most personal device ever”.

According to the Business Insider, An Apple Spokesperson said that the company is taking an initiative to prevent a huge crowd in its Apple Store, as a huge crowd will help in the spread of Coronavirus.

As of now, it is advised not to wear or try out these products to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. All of us at Appleosophy hope that all of you remain safe & sound, and take measures to prevent the spread of this virus.

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