It has been found by our very own Brahm Shank, that there is currently Picture-in-Picture functionality on the YouTube app in iOS 12.2 beta.

For those who do not know, Picture-in-Picture is basically Apple’s way of making videos playable while doing other tasks on your iPad or Mac.

Say if you are watching a movie through iTunes on your iPad. If you click the Picture-in-Picture button, it makes the screen smaller, but from there, you can do other tasks such as browsing the web via Safari or write a document on Pages or Microsoft Word.

Whether you’re using an iPad or Mac, the function can make it so that a user could be more productive and get more work done while being entertained at the same time.

YouTube has never had the functionality for this feature in their iOS app. Other services like Vimeo have had the functionality for a couple years now.

It has not been said by Apple or YouTube if this is going to be a feature in the future for both the iPad or YouTube app, but we are certainly hoping that it is since YouTube is one of the most popular of video watching and streaming services on the internet.