JCPenney Removes Apple Pay Support

We have received word today that the popular clothing store JCPenney has officially discontinued support for Apple Pay in their retail stores.

According to the company’s customer service Twitter account that posted this:

Additionally, customers can also not use Apple Pay in JCPenney’s iOS app either.

The reason for why JCPenney did this is still unknown. However, we do hope that this changes and that the company does go back to accepting Apple Pay soon.

(UPDATE: 04/22/2019) JCPenney has provided us with a statement on this matter:

“A third-party credit card brand made the requirement for all merchants to actively support EMV contactless functionality effective April 13, retiring the legacy MSD contactless technology in place. Given the resources and lead time associated with meeting the new mandate, JCPenney chose to suspend all contactless payment options until a later date. Customers still have the ability to complete their transactions manually by inserting or swiping their physical credit cards at our point-of-sale terminals in stores, an option employed by the vast majority of JCPenney shoppers.”

Feature image courtesy of MacRumors

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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