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Apple Begins Selling iPhone X in Refurbished Store

According to ZDNet, Apple has begun selling the iPhone X again but this time in their refurbished store online. These are smartphones that have been taken back to Apple for inspection and then to be sold again for a discounted price.

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As of right now, all versions of the iPhone X are being sold. This means that they have the 64GB and 256GB models available in both Space Gray and silver.

All of the smartphones are unlocked too, meaning that you, the customer, can get them put on your network such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint.

The iPhone X with 64GB costs $769, which is a discount of $130 off of its regular price. The 256GB version costs $899, which is a discount of $150 off the regular price.

Both versions of the refurbished iPhone X are being sold for what can still be argued as an expensive price, even for a refurbished model.

Still, consumers can still get the iPhone XR for a total of $749 with 64GB. On top of that, the 128GB version is $799 and the 256GB model is running for $899. Those can be purchased unlocked as well, or with your carrier, unlike the refurbished iPhone X.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.36.46 AM

What all of that means is that it is still cheaper to get an iPhone XR brand new than it is to get a refurbished version of the 2017 iPhone X through Apple.

If you’re interested in a refurbished iPhone X, go for it. For those looking for the best deal money wise, the iPhone XR is still the better route to take.

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