Why the iPhone 8, X, XS and XR Glass is Difficult to Repair

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One time, you dropped your iPhone XS without a case on it, very high off the ground. You hear a big crash from the floor and microscopic glass flecks spread around the floor. You hold up your iPhone that dropped faced down, not only you see scratches on the sides, but a massive crack.

You scurry to the Apple Store to see an Apple Genius. But when you get to see the Apple Genius, he said you have to pay hundreds for a replacement iPhone XS instead of getting the glass back repaired. You then scratch your head and you ask yourself, “Why can’t the Genius repair the back of my iPhone, for a fraction of the replacement iPhone cost?”

This article has all the explanations you need to refer to before your next Genius Bar appointment!

The whole glass back is held down by adhesive, not by screws in an iPhone 4.

So, you know why there are no screws on the back of your iPhone? Just a strong sheet of adhesive is underneath the glass, and the camera module alongside the microphone is in between these layers. In order for the iPhone’s back glass to be replaced, the technician must apply a lot of heat and pressure on the rear. This softens up the back adhesive, making it easier to remove the glass. Then, they grab a flat, metal tool to scrape off the cracked glass. In that case, the back camera module can easily pop off from the back and damage the ribbon cables. This is the reason why the replacement of the back glass of your iPhone takes a long time or many attempts to do so!

Replacement costs of iPhone back glass repairs are more expensive than the display repair costs

If you have AppleCare, this cost is only going to be almost thirty bucks, at $29. But for most people, it’s $99 bucks for the repair. There’s a reason why this is expensive, it’s due to its classification as other repairs and difficulties. If you dislike the large cost, get AppleCare and save a fortune!

In conclusion, the strict design factors Apple has set on the iPhone, put the back glass on two main difficulties. The adhesive resin makes the glass removal difficult than the iPhone 4, and the regular price is almost too expensive for one.

If Apple improvises the design of the next iPhone to make the glass back easier to replace like they did with the iPhone 4, they will be able to make it cheaper. Otherwise, it is best to keep your iPhone in a case at all times to prevent this, as it’s an expensive problem to solve.


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