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Is your iPhone disabled from wrong passcode attempts? Here’s a big solution for this problem.

You might’ve found your old iPhone 6s Plus in your drawer full of Apple products. You’re very eager to download some pictures you took at your vacation in 2015, but after you turned it on, you forgot the password of your iPhone. You then attempt to guess the passcode of your iPhone, but after numerous failed attempts, your iPhone locks you out, and you have to wait minutes to hours or even months to reenter your iPhone’s passcode. Not to worry! There’s a resolution to this problem which most Apple technicians recommend to users.

Risks and factors to know before you resolve this issue

There’s many factors and precautions that is required before you take the dive to get your iPhone back to normal. They include the following:

  • If you haven’t backed up your iPhone before, your iPhone will lose data! This is not reversible.
  • There’s special measures to putting your iPhone in recovery mode on newer models than the 6s and earlier. iPhone 7 is a little similar with the exception of holding down the home button, but the volume down button instead. You’ll still get to hold the power button down, but on the newest iPhones (iPhone 8 and above), the method is more complex. You’ll learn about it in a recovery mode article published earlier.
  • If any of your iPhone’s buttons are broken or stuck, see an Apple Genius to further solve this problem.
  • In rare cases, your iPhone will be disabled for a random number of minutes or require you to connect to iTunes.

The resolution to solve the disabled iPhone issue

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So you had read the precautions above, and you’re ready for this to happen. Prepare your computer, your Lightning cable, and your iPhone, and let’s do this!

1. Make sure to check that your iTunes is on the latest version. Some older iTunes versions won’t support the newest iPhones.

2. Next, follow the instructions for recovery which can be found here; mode in  Make sure to click Restore instead of Update, because if you click Update, iTunes will only install the latest iOS version and not remove the entire passcode from your iPhone.

3. If your iPhone is in the recovery mode screen for more than fifteen minutes, then you have to start all over on steps 2 and 3 on the recovery mode article. This mistake can be due to the internet connection, not following the correct directions or clicking on the Update button instead of Restore in iTunes.

4. Sit back and relax for five to ten minutes as your iPhone restores. Then when your iPhone is done, set it up as normal. You don’t need to skip any of the setup screens unless you’d like.


Putting your iPhone in recovery mode helps restore the iPhone’s disabled passcode problem in all cases. Now you can get in to your old iPhone’s gallery, and find your vacation pictures there. Well done, you deserve a pat on the back if you did it right!

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