Spotify is a music streaming service that has been known to make its services available on the web via a web browser. Apple has not officially done that themselves, but there is a third-party website that does let you view and listen to your Apple Music account right from the web, and without the need for iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer.

The service that we are talking about is on a site called “Musish.” It has a great design and interface to it that makes it both easy to use and give users exactly what they need.

It is free to use and the only thing that you the user has to do is log in with their Apple ID, which will immediately link to their Apple Music account. From there, you the Apple Music user will be able to listen to your music on the web and not need to install or open iTunes.

This website is also good for people who maybe have a work computer or are using someone else’s computer and don’t want to have to put iTunes or their Apple ID on the computer to get access to their Apple Music.

Like I said earlier, Apple has yet to come out with their own web version of Apple Music, but in the meantime, you can click here to access Musish.