Apple Announces Apple Arcade

World's First Game Subscription Service

Apple started off by mentioning how there are more than 1 Billion players on the App Store, with more than 300,000 games, making iOS the largest gaming platform.

The new service is called Apple Games, with the theme “Games that define Games.” It will allow creators to put paid games in more devices, enriching the premium mobile gaming platform.

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Apple showed off a video highlighting unique and fascinating games that are not free, but now with Apple Arcade, these games will now reach much more devices and a larger audience.

“Creativity will be much more expanded.”


Apple Arcade’s pricing it yet to be announced, but can be shared with the family with no additional cost!

Key Features of Apple Aracade

Apple Arcade will bring access to more than 100+ new and exclusive games. Apple Arcade will have its own tab in the App Store. Apple Arcade can be used like handoff, while starting and picking up progress in a game across iOS and even MacOS! 

Apple Arcade works completely offline and parents can easily manage game time.

Apple Arcade will be available from Fall 2019, and will be available in more than 150+ countries.

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Praveen Nagaraj
Author: Praveen Nagaraj

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