Surge in iPhone 11 shipments help Apple gain marketshare in India


According to the latest report from Counterpoint Research, Apple has emerged as the leader in the ultra-premium smartphone market. Phones above the 45,000 RS are part of this market where apple has 55% of the marketshare. Half the number of phones were Apple Devices, with the others mainly Samsung and OnePlus.

Counterpoint says, Apple’s surge in market share was due to the success of the iPhone 11. The report from Counterpoint says “Apple grew a strong 78% year-over-year driven by the surge in shipments of the iPhone 11 and multiple discounts on e-shopping platforms Amazon and Flipkart. In the past Apple’s last generation iPhone, the iPhone XR helped Apple grow in India and the iPhone 11, boosted the growth.

The iPhone 11 was launched in September 2019 with the starting price of 64,900 RS. With discounts and promotional offers this price dropped to 58,000 RS and lower. iPhone 11 has been a popular phone around the world and now India.

With the recent release of Apple’s new iPhone SE the price has come significantly down compared to the iPhone 11 starting at 42,500 RS. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current lockdown situation in India, the sale and availability date is unknown at the moment. If Apple continues to offer devices at this lower price point, their marketshare will grow not just in India but around the world.