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Apple Pay Expands its Horizons

Just after the Apple News+ chat, Tim Cook has begun talking about Apple Pay and its everyday Uses. They plan to release Apple Pay in transit services across the major US cities.

As we anticipated, Tim has just announced the Apple Card and invited Jennifer Bailey to talk to us all about it. She claims they have “Completely reinvented the credit card”, it employs the power of the iPhone to create a seamless user experience, and you can set it up straight on your iPhone, so no more waiting for your card to arrive before you can go shopping!

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With Apple Card, you can simply text the Apple Card team via iMessage if you have any questions or need any help, you can even text them to simply inform them of your new home address. Apple Card will show you a detailed log of your spending while also simplifying merchant codes, meaning you’ll know where your transactions are headed.

Introducing Daily cash, everyday you spend, 2% of each transaction is put onto your Apple Cash Card which you can use for anything, from sending it to friends to buying new apps and movies. They will even provide 3% of monthly transactions such as Apple News+ for your Apple Cash Card.

Apple Card calculates interest in real time, allowing you to understand your investments and monthly transactions with ease, giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision as to where you spend your money, and if you’re spending it wisely.

If you miss a payment on your Apple Card, Apple will not force you to pay penalty charges unlike many other credit card companies.

They have, as expected partnered with Goldman Sachs, claiming they were the only ones up to the challenge of a new, innovative payment method. Along with master card of course, who have been a partner throughout the life of Apple Pay. Jennifer promises that Apple Card is the most secure way to spend your money, claiming that Goldman Sachs pledge to never share our details or transaction history with any other third party company.

And of course, to finish off the Apple Card chat, Apple have introduced a physical card, made from titanium, with no credit card number or payment info on the face so no one can steal your information. They claim it is the most secure card available today, also personalised with your name engraved on the front.

Apple Pay has seen many new additions to its service, all of these additions appear to be innovative, useful, and perfect for modern society, but we’ll let you decide wether they’re really as good as they seem.

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