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Opinion: Apple Pay Needs a Reward System

I have thought for a couple of years now that Apple needs to set up a rewards system for Apple Pay users. Apple did something similar to this last week at their 2019 March event, but it is only for those using the new Apple Card, which is not going to be launched until sometime this summer.

With that said, if Apple really wanted to boost Apple Pay usage, they need to be making a reward system for their users. An example of this comes from Samsung, where they have a reward system for Samsung Pay. You get points for every purchase that you make and then you can spend those points on items in their rewards store.

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Apple should be doing this with Apple Pay. Yes, they do have promotions with the service through businesses like Instacart or Panera Bread, where if you make a purchase or spend a certain amount, you get a 10-20 percent off discount. There still needs to be a rewards program.

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I use the service all of the time to make purchases around town. I’d love to be able to make a purchase at Barnes and Noble with Apple Pay, then get lunch with Apple Pay and then go and buy some other items I need at Target with Apple Pay, and then receive credit for making those purchases.

If anything, last week’s Apple Event did show that Apple can do a reward system, just like they are doing with Apple Card. Apple now should be trying to find ways to extend it to Apple Pay and give that the great reward system that it deserves.

With a service like Apple Pay that is used by millions of people each day, Apple should be opening the door to a rewards system to benefit those who use it and give an incentive for others to join it.

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