iCloud soon on Microsoft Store?

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Appleosophy | iCloud soon on Microsoft Store?
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The Microsoft Store has been a large work in progress, is one of the only cross-platform app stores, and it faces many challenges. There are many big names missing, and lots of unoptimized content and bugs.

Famous Microsoft watcher, “WalkingCat”, has found evidence of Apple supposedly working on developing an iCloud App for native support for the platform. If this goes through, it will become the second app Apple publishes on the platform, after iTunes.

Right now iCloud for Microsoft Windows has to be downloaded and installed separately.

It is likely that Apple will port the existing software for the Microsoft Store, similar to what they did with iTunes.

This might mean faster updates for the Windows version of iCloud, quick security patches, and more optimization to work with Windows services.

Source: MSPowerUser

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