Apple Pay is still available at JCPenney retail stores

We reported earlier this year that JCPenney had gotten rid of Apple Pay on its app and website.

At the time, due to the coronavirus pandemic where JCPenney retail stores were closed, it was unknown whether or not the company would continue accepting it in its stores.

It would appear as though the company still plans on accepting it in its stores and those who choose to do curbside pickup.

An image that was sent to Appleosophy from a tipper has proven this if you look at the bottom of it:


When you go to one of the 150 stores that JCPenney has reopened, you will be able to use Apple Pay in its stores. Apple Card users will get two percent in Daily Cash on their Apple Cash card.

To find out which stores the company has recently reopened, click here.




David Becker
Author: David Becker

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