YouTube TV has just gotten its free trial length extended. What is usually a 7-day free trial has now been extended to a 14-day free trial, according to Cord Cutter News.

Just last week, YouTube got eight new channels from the Discovery Networks, so this may be their way of enabling people to get an extended free trial of those new channels on their service because of the free trial.

On top of that, the service is available in all markets in the United States, meaning that there is a good chance that it will allow you to watch your local NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX stations right from the service.

The only bad thing is that YouTube TV does not currently have HBO as an add-on, so you will not be able to get a free trial of this service to watch the new episodes of Game of Thrones.

YouTube TV did recently increase its price to $49.99 a month for new users. If you do not cancel the free trial before it expires, you will be charged that $49.99 fee.

The 14-day free trial is not permanent and is being done for promotional reasons only. Once that promotion (which has not been said when it expires) ends, the service will go back to its 7-day free trial period.

YouTube TV is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac (via the Google Chrome browser).