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Apple Developing Unified App To Replace Find My iPhone; Working On An Item Tracker

Apple is developing a new app that will integrate and replace Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, codenamed “GreenTorch”, currently in testing phases. 9to5Mac first reported this news, in which it claims that  “GreenTorch” will work even if it is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, and it can be accessed across iOS and macOS platforms.

“GreenTorch” will let you share your location with family, with any friend, and send location sharing requests to others. When users share their location, iOS or macOS will create a notification on its own and will alert you when the receiver arrives or leaves the location. All devices from the user—and family member devices—can be located using this unified app, including accessories such as AirPods. When a device enters “Lost Mode”, you can make an alert sound through the app.

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In addition to the app, 9to5mac said that Apple is also working on a new accessory product, and temporarily named it “B 389”. “B 389” is an item tracker that can be attached to any other object, such as your headphones, wallet, keys, umbrella, etc., just like various third-party personal item trackers on the market. The tag can be paired with the user’s iCloud account when it is near the iPhone. This way, when your device is too far away from the tracker, users will be able to receive notifications to prevent certain items from being forgotten or taken away.

The location of the tracker can also be shared with friends or family member, and the user will be able to store the contact information of others in the tracker. When the tracker enters the “Lost Mode”, family members and friends will receive corresponding notifications as well.

Apple seems to want to employ a large number of active Apple devices to create a wide network with new hardware and software products to help users find lost and lost items and establish higher security for the devices.

Image Via MacRumors

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